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Private Residence

Residential lighting requires significant coordination with the architect and/or interior designer on the project. Many of the lighting fixtures must be both decorative as well as functional. The owner is always very involved in the decision making process. Lighting is an expression of the owner's desires for a space. The architect, interior designer and lighting designer help the owner to fulfill this vision.

In small spaces, local lighting controls are adequate for most homeowners. Larger homes and larger spaces, however, require more versatile luminaires and controls.

Many of the areas in a home will serve a number of different venues and all of them must be accommodated with the appropriate amount of care. For instance, a kitchen will have cooking, casual dining and possibly entertaining all in the same space. Each venue will require a different lighting effect to produce the desired results in the space. Similarly, a dining area can accommodate both formal and casual lighting dining functions.

A layered lighting system coupled with the appropriate controls can make any space versatile and functional in a number of situations.

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