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Stained Glass Cross  
Fellowship Hall  


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Portfolio: St. Paul’s United Methodist Church


This was a phased addition/renovation project. The first phase added much needed classrooms and office space for the church's extensive religious education program. The second phase added a multipurpose room (Fellowship Hall) which was designed for a variety of functions from basketball to theater. The third phase renovated the existing sanctuary.

New sanctuary lighting was of utmost importance to the congregation. The existing lighting system provided inadequate illumination and no lighting control system. A young progressive congregation embraced the lighting design concepts to increase general functional illumination while providing the accent lighting necessary for a dynamic service. A new lighting control system was incorporated into the design. The lighting control system provided them the ability to dim any or all lighting at the touch of a button.

A beautiful stained glass cross is the focal point of the altar area. The cross was donated by a parishioner. The parishioner required that the cross be illuminated continuously. The appearance of the cross was critical to the success of the project, however, the maintainability and energy efficiency of the lighting solution were also highly important.

The final phase of the project upgraded the administrative offices.

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