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Looking towards Point State Park
Flag base honors all service branches Victory parade in frame on a glass panel
The memorial's interior plaza

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Southwestern Pennsylvania World War II Memorial

A 2014 Outstanding Lighting Award winner from the Electric League of
Western Pennsylvania

It was a privilege for Carlins Consulting to provide services for the Western Pennsylvania World War II Memorial on the North Shore. The stainless steel spire, graphic glass panels and stone walls honor the men and women who served our country during this period.

All of the lighting installed in the memorial is LED insuring high quality illumination for many years to come.

The lighting controls for the project are located in an unprotected area outside where the summer’s heat and winter’s cold would not permit a traditional dimming system. The LED lighting is controlled using Philips DynaDimmers. Although originally design to be installed within an exterior cobrahead luminaire, the DynaDimmer specs were pushed to the limit by mounting them in a cabinet several hundred feet away from the memorial. The control system incorporates a 24-hour time clock and photocell as well.

The LED luminaires come on to a preset illumination level at dusk. The illumination levels are significantly reduced after midnight to increase the life of the LED luminaires and reduce energy consumption while maintaining a low level of illumination for safety and security. The glass panels illumination is turned off in the early morning hours.

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