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Office Trolley Shop

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U.S. Safety Trolley


The U.S. Safety Trolley project was an addition to an existing light industrial plant. U.S. Safety Trolley is a manufacturer of electrical busway. The project doubled the manufacturing floor space and expanded the existing administrative offices.

The lighting design provided low glare in both the office and on the factory floor. The increased lighting levels improved visibility and noticeably improved performance in the new factory.

The shop area was illuminated with glass high bay metal halide luminaire which provided high level glare-free lighting for their manufacturing processes. The lighting in the new addition was so well received by both the employees and management that the existing shop lighting was upgraded.

The office area lighting was designed with direct/indirect luminaires to minimize glare on both paper tasks and computer screens. The style of luminaires in the office addition were chosen to coordinate with the luminaries in the new shop space.

The task-ambient office lighting design provided glare-free viewing at all work stations.

Carlins Consulting received two awards for this project: the Outstanding Lighting Award - Commercial Division, by the Electric League of Western Pennsylvania (ELWP) and the International llumination Design Award (IIDA), by the Illuminiating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), Pittsburgh Chapter.



Carlins Consulting received two awards for this project.

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